No Moss The Career of a Rolling Stone

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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss - Meaning - Literary Devices

Sound familiar enough? In Japan, moss is considered a beautiful plant that adds refinement to old temples and gardens. In Japan there is a lot more respect for age and experience than in the West, so persevering in one role, gradually gaining experience, is seen as preferable to moving from job to job and gaining a little bit of knowledge of a lot of different companies.

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  2. a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Whatever your philosophy on life, one visit to a Japanese moss garden should be enough to convince you that moss can be a good thing — at least in the right place. Find the best way to get anywhere in Japan with Train Route Finder. The moss would still be there, unseen, unheard, yet providing all the support we and our success need-by being at the bottom of our priority list as well , still growing and trying to cover whatever it can. Those are the rolling stones which strive to keep moving ahead and, crossing their hurdles with their ability to get over whatever comes in their way.


However, they are incapable of just one thing, being stable. Some call it having a personal space in relations, while the others see it as a necessity to climb the ladder of success. Surely, you need to be financially stable to survive but moving away from the roots will only make us weak.

No Moss; Or, the Career of a Rolling Stone

And we realize this only when the storm comes and exposes the hollow trunk and perishing roots. Falling on moss hurts much lesser than falling on stones! If an area is green and damp, there is bound to be some kind of moss growth around the stones. But this is a slow process and requires no disturbance.

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Now, what does the moss do? With more and more growth of moss on the stone, it restricts the movement of the stone and provides a soft covering to it.

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Applying this to our professional lives, we see how being loyal to one company has the benefits of an assured albeit slow progress, how it leads to more satisfaction of doing things in a proper manner and also the recognition that it brings with it. This is a slow process but has assured benefits.

Adjusting to a new environment is a gigantic task for some. Getting to know new people, understanding their views and beliefs, aligning yourself to the new work and the list goes on.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

This also gives you the time and peace of mind to do the things you like, pursue hobbies and most important- being HAPPY and satisfied. In case of personal relationships, it is a high loss or high gain situation. People with such a mindset generally are in for serious relations and thus a heartbreak can ruin things and even leads to depression or worse.